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Rehearsal, Royal Opera House

Rehearsal, Royal Opera House



Rehearsal, Royal Opera House

Rehearsal, Royal Opera House

Rehearsal, Royal Opera House

Rehearsal, Royal Opera House

Over the past 14 years Lucy has created everything from large scale immersive shows for Secret Cinema to work in schools, theatre productions, experimental clown pieces and brand activations. At the core of her work is a commitment to making play inclusive and accessible to everyone.Her work has reached hundreds of thousands of people across the world of all ages and walks of life.

Lucy has led creative and performance direction for over twenty Secret Cinema productions including; Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Stranger Things with Netflix, Blade Runner, Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge, The Handmaiden by Park Chan-wook, Dirty Dancing, Stanley Kubrick's Dr Strangelove, Star Wars, Saturday Night Fever, 

and Back to the Future. 


She was also a co-founder of The People Pile who have worked with over 60 collaborators, organisations and venues throughout the UK and internationally, specialising in interactive dance experiences since 2010. 

Lucy has performed and created events in the states, Asia and throughout Europe. She has danced in many productions at Royal Opera House; including Macbeth (Dir: Philipa Lloyd), Eugene Onegin (Dir: Kasper Holten), Swan Lake, and Robert Le Diable (Dir: Laurent Pelly) and was invited to tour in Japan. 

Lucy is currently working as a creative director with HQ worldwide shows. 



Her audience-focused, holistic approach reliably unlocks areas of exploration and creativity that other directors may overlook. The theatre she creates has the ability to access a playfulness, thoughtfulness and emotionality that lingers in her audiences’ psyches long after narrative details may have faded. She brings a unique talent and perspective to any rehearsal room and has been instrumental in shaping the performer I am today.

James Byng


As a creative and a director Lucy's ability to see from the audience's perspective really helps to shape a show experience.

The energy, positivity and trust she brings to a team is what makes her a leader in her field.

Emmett O Donnell

Sound Designer 

Lucy is a visionary and one of the most exciting creatives i've worked with. Her ideas are bold and audacious, yet with a sensitivity to an audience experience that always hits the mark! From my perspective as a composer and music producer, it is always a joyful process to work together as she has an innate musicality, which means we achieve the correct musical output for the productions, directly and precisely.

Tom Chichester-Clark 


Lucy is a creative dynamo and has been a driving force behind many of the fantastical worlds that we have created at Secret Cinema. Lucy's infectious energy and spirit permeates through our performers and importantly into the audience experience. I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for a creative powerhouse for a project.

Alex Ward 

Director of Partnerships  

Having worked with Lucy for over 10 years I find myself perpetually inspired by how her creativity and spiritedness brighten a working space. Her working self is consistent, generous and honest. Her contribution to or leadership of a project reliably impressive. And, without fail, a pleasure to be working alongside. Should I be able to collaborate with Lucy  for another 10 years and beyond as she evolves, there would be no question. 

Amy Rowe 

Founder AVR Events 

Lucy is a joyous collaborator.

I have worked with Lucy a number of times now, and every time she pushes limits and expectations, all driven by her energetically playful desire to create.

Lucy is never predictable,
or appears to settle on trusted formulae.

Always happy to explore
possibilities and find solutions with others, never getting bogged down by a bias for her own ideas.

She is joyous, inventive and fearless.

Tim Mcquillen-Wright 

Set Designer 

Lucy is one of a kind.

She brings creativity, fun and professionalism to every project.

A natural choreographer and designer of experiences who elevates the performers she works with by encouraging their talents.

I've loved working with her for more than a decade and hope to do much more together. 

Charlotte Dillion

Artistic Director

Head of House 

I had the pleasure of working with Lucy across 4 years at Secret Cinema, working across multiple productions.

Lucy always brought pure passion and creativity to every meeting, decision and project.

She thinks outside the box and never tires when it comes to weird and wonderful ideas whilst remaining true to the creative direction, an essential for any authentic creative production.

Ayomi Rupasinghe

Head of Marketing 

I've had the pleasure of working with Lucy on some of the most complex immersive theatre shows and events. In amongst all the technology and brand requirements, she has the amazing ability to keep sight of the core reason we're all here and deliver a thoughtful, intricate show an audience can lose themselves in.

lan Galloway  

Video Designer & Director  

Lucy brings immense energy and creativity to any project I have had the pleasure of working with her on.

A great collaborator - Lucy is attentive and personable.

I would cherish the opportunity to work with her again. 

Salvador Bettencourt Avila

Video Designer 

Lucy is an inspirational collaborator who is utterly determined to place the audience at the heart of every theatrical experience.

She is a vivid world builder who empowers performers and understands flow, tempo and spectacle in a truly unique way.

She brings all her artistic influences as a performer, choreographer and director to breathe life, joy and wonder into the work that she makes. 

Justin Audibert

Artistic Director, Chichester Festival Theatre 

Lucy is brilliantly bonkers, wildly creative and gets the job done in equal measure. She has a brilliant energy to bring to a project and it’s always been a pleasure to work with her.

Rhiannon Newman


I have worked with Lucy for around 3 years, developing and designing concepts and shows for Secret Cinema.   

As a director and dancer Lucy naturally finds the rhythm of a show, a process that I adore, rich in colour, character and humour. 

She is a very caring, creative and enthusiastic collaborator. In short, I bloody love working with her. 

Sean Turner 

Set Designer 

I have had the pleasure of working with Lucy for the past 15 years. 
I have found every time her inspirational creativity has been asset to the theatre making process. She has an ability to ‘think out side the box’ and able to approach creative problems with innovation and invention, shaping the way part of the industry now operate and present work.
I continue to work with her as her welcomed warmth and understanding of people extends throughout all that she does.

Sophia Vi 

Associate Director 

Lucy brings stand out creative ideas and enriches every creative project with her  playfulness and listening.
She is very fluid when it comes to collaboration,  listening to colleagues and facilitating an environment where everyone feels welcomed and by virtue she gets the best out of people. 


Lucy is an efficient maker and manages resources extremely well and can deliver high quality under pressure. 

In short she is brilliant.

Miguel Hernando Torres Uma

Creative Director 

Lucy is a phenomenal asset to any creative production!
Lucy consistently demonstrated her ability to come up with ingenious solutions to challenging production obstacles. Her dedication and attention to detail proved invaluable in infusing her creativity in no matter the scale or scope.
She also has a very lovely way of dealing with people and a nurturing side that brings out the best in her team. Her approachable and kind demeanour creates a sense of trust and camaraderie, allowing everyone involved to thrive.

Nicola Blackford

Commercial Director




★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Truly exhilarating”– Broadway World

''It's the creativity of the event that allows it to be such an overwhelming success''- Broadway world  

'Lucy Ridley's creation is wickedly fun and energetic'- London Boxoffice 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Mind-blown”– Critical Popcorn 

"Every little corner is crammed with some incredible detail,

detail made all the better by the enthusiasm with which the audience is partaking”- The Londonist


'Lucy Ridley's work delighting the audiences and drawing them in'- Londonloveculture

"This is a truly exhilarating, exciting and unpredictable evening that leaves you feeling like a kid again.

Perfectly executed, impeccably organised and wonderfully detailed,

you are unlikely to experience anything quite like it'' - Broadway World 

'Its slickly done, from Lucy Ridley's smooth direction'- The Stage

'Lucy's work shows a distinctive energy'- Marita Philips, Royal Opera House 

'It wasn't just me who felt the power of The People Pile...the experience was what was most intoxicating'.

- The Swelle Life 

'Lucy Ridley ensuring that they perform in thrilling unison'- Review Hub

'Kudos to Lucy for her fine work in Secret Cinema's presentation of Back to the Future'. 

- Bob Gale, Creator of Back to the Future 


'Funny, articulate and engaging... genius!' -Adam Towndrow 













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