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Four exciting workshops for anyone who would like to take a deep dive into immersive world building.  

Choose from: 

Introduction to Immersive Play: for young people or people new to immersive theatre; schools, colleges, universities. 


Immersive Play Toolkit: for professional actors, dancers, performers and circus artists. 

Develop, sharpen and expand your immersive performance skills. 

Immersive Play Creations: for makers and creators.

Explore the secrets behind immersive world building for theatre makers and experiential and event creators.  


Immersive Play Team Building: for groups, communities and businesses.

Discover how the ingredients that make immersive theatre can unleash your team's creativity, confidence and play. 



Photos by Graham Turner 

Email for more info. 


 In a secret location, we open up the doors to an evening of suspense and spectacle beyond any film-lover’s imagination. Dressed as part of the cast, you can choose to blend right in with the crowd or take centre stage as your reality blurs with that of the story. 


An Alt immersive dance collective founded in 2010, they've been invited all over the world to ignite stages and dance floors. Specialists at stage diving, jumping off lighting rigs and making sure everyone's having a great time.

With outrageous and mesmeric costumes; they bring playful encounters and hilarious antics to any event or party. 

The People Pile create bespoke concepts, performances, games and costumes. 

'the ultimate dancing punk clowns' - DJ 

'They had everyone in the room laughing , playing and dancing, i'd never seen anything like it'- Audience 

'A dream to work with'-  Event organiser 

'Mind blown'- Audience 

Founded by Lauren Bridle, Aisha Krupska & Lucy Ridley 

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